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New passenger car engine oils specially designed to meet specific OEM car manufacturers’ requirements

Kuala Lumpur, 24 September 2020 – Many car owners in Malaysia choose to entrust the maintenance of their cars to official service centres, for peace of mind and assured quality of services and parts used.

Today, Shell Helix, the most preferred passenger car engine oil brand in Malaysia offers car owners the assurance of premium quality, unmatched reliability and proven performance with the new Shell Helix Professional range.

While the existing Shell Helix Ultra range caters to the wide and varied needs of the mainstream consumer market, the new Shell Helix Professional is specially tailored to meet the demanding requirements and specifications of a select group of car engine manufacturers. 

Shell Lubricants General Manager for Malaysia and Singapore, Nyon Kam Yew said that the new Shell Helix Professional range enables the car manufacturers’ official service centres and specialist workshops to deliver more value via customised service packages to benefit their customers.

“This is yet another innovative solution from Shell, the top lubricant supplier in the world for the past 13 consecutive years[1] and the largest provider of finished lubricants to automakers. With the new Shell Helix Professional range, these businesses can now incorporate a genuine, premium quality engine oil with proven performance from a trusted brand in special value service packages,” he said.   

The new Shell Helix Professional range comprises the Shell Helix Ultra Professional ABB 5W- 40 and Shell Helix HX7 Professional SN 5W-30.

Developed for high performance petrol and diesel engines, the fully synthetic Shell Helix Ultra Professional ABB 5W-40 is formulated with Shell’s proprietary PurePlus Technology and features a 99.5% pure base oil made from natural gas.   

Shell Helix Ultra Professional ABB 5W-40 and Helix HX7 Professional SN 5W-30 also feature Shell’s unique Active Cleansing Technology to keep the engine close to factory-clean through its ability to resist physical and chemical degradation and prevent build-up of performance-robbing deposits, while providing superior wear and corrosion protection, even in extreme operating conditions.  As a result, both offer enhanced fuel economy as well as superior sludge and wear protection to help keep maintenance costs low.

Recently, BMW Malaysia became the first premium car marque to see the value of specifying the Shell Helix Professional range for its high-performance cars.  Its latest engine oil service programme now features the Shell Helix Ultra Professional ABB 5W-40 to ensure a premium ownership experience for BMW owners in Malaysia.

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