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By now, we are already familiar with the news of PROTON unveiling its Special Edition models – Persona, Iriz, Exora, and Saga. And as the interest towards these Special Edition cars continue to build, let us share with you why purchasing these Special Edition Proton cars are worth it.

Fulfilment of every lifestyle

Every individual desires for something special in life that complement their unique and diverse lifestyles. Every situation in life is different and is about creating experience, that fulfils the purpose of life. No matter if you are in search for a car that’s trendy, bold, sporty, or even iconic, the Special Edition models are here to turn dreams into reality.

Featuring new exterior colours and bold interior, you can either own the Persona and Exora Black Edition, if you are looking for a car that’s spacious for your family yet bold and black; or the Saga or Iriz R3 Limited Edition, if you are into a sporty car that boosts your confidence. This just proves how PROTON have listened to their customers and the Special Edition models are by way their gesture of giving back to the customers. 

A sight to behold

The Special Edition models is ready to you on adventures that stand out in a class of your own from the very moment you arrive your destination.

The Proton R3 division is no stranger to many. And with the introduction of the Iriz and Saga R3 Limited Edition, Malaysians now have the option to buy these cars that come factory fitted with a striking R3 livery, dark grey R3 alloy wheels, an R3 body kit and unique interior pieces. Undoubtedly, these cars stand out.

On the other hand, PROTON has also introduced the Persona and Exora Black Edition. Clad in sophisticated dark paint, these cars are further complimented with gold alloy wheels, gold accents on the bumpers and an elegant black interior. Imagine the sight of these stylish cars sprinting down the roads.

Big on style, bigger on features

But let’s not forget, it is not only about style with the Special Edition models; even your driving experience is elevated with the features available.

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For one, the Exora Black Edition comes with an overhead monitor, perfect to provide entertainment to the kids in the back during a long drive. You can get the best of both worlds in practicality and comfort for the whole family while looking cool as you drive around.

Each Special Edition Proton car is also installed with the popular N95 Cabin Filter. The N95 Cabin Filter can remove up to 95 percent of particles above the size of 0.3µm (microns), filter smoke particles and airborne bacteria and remove pollen and aphids that are usually found on pets. To summarise, the N95 Cabin Filter provides car owners a breath of clean and fresh air for a healthier driving experience.  

To sum it all up, PROTON truly has something special made for everyone with these Special Edition models. There’s the Black Edition (Persona and Exora) for those of you who want to stand out from the rest, and the R3 Limited Editions (Iriz and Saga), which appeal to those who have a passion for R3 spirit.

For more information, feel free to visit PROTON’s official website, or their social media accounts, at and to find out more.

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