by Kenny Yeoh

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 MAY 2024 –Do you notice a jump in performance every time you refuel with Shell V-Power Racing? Taking a step further, Shell Malaysia unveiled its latest marketing campaign for its best-performing fuel, Shell V-Power, which now 100% cleans critical engine parts to fully rejuvenate your engine’s performance, fill after fill, drive after drive.

With more than a century of experience in fuel innovation, the latest formulation of Shell V-Power Racing offers unrivalled performance and efficiency for an exhilarating driving experience. “Shell continues to reinforce our leadership in premium fuel with the most advanced formula
of our best fuel, cementing our relentless commitment to meeting the rising demand for high-quality fuels and the evolving expectations of our customers. As such, our Shell V-Power

Racing goes beyond conventional fuels, maximising engine performance and extends your thrilling experience on the road with each fill,” said Seow Lee Ming, General Manager, Mobility Malaysia.

“With the reduction in size, modern engines tend to expose fuels to tougher operating conditions where dirt can build up and that’s where Shell V-Power Racing is specifically designed to work even more effective under these conditions. Not only does it 100% clean critical engine parts but it also restores up to 100% of your engine performance to keep it running like new.” Available at all participating Shell stations nationwide, Shell V-Power Racing is Shell’s commitment to the brand’s evolving range of fuels and retail experiences worth stopping for. The brand’s most advanced fuel ever is:
• Delivering 3.93% more power, 3.69% quicker acceleration,
• Restoring up to 100% of your engine’s performance,
• The only fuel used, recommended, and trusted by Scuderia Ferrari

Speaking at the FOCM Festival 2024 organised by Ferrari Owners’ Club Malaysia on 18th May, Lee Ming shared, ““We leverage our collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari in extreme racetrack conditions, where Shell V-Power Racing is the only fuel recommended by this highly successful team. These are the fuels that are available for our customers on the road.”

Powered by Shell V-Power Racing, the FOCM Festival 2024 stands as the nation’s largest gathering of 297 Ferraristi, celebrating the rich history of the world’s most prestigious engines.

Stop by the nearest Shell stations and tap on the Shell App for more benefits and privileges along the way. The more you fill up, the more perks you earn.

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