More Drivers to Get PAYD – Tune Protect Enhances Opt-In Feature Following the Current Work-From-Home Trend

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KUALA LUMPUR, 19 June 2020 – Tune Protect Malaysia recently enhanced their Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) eligibility criteria as more Malaysians have embraced the work-from-home (“WFH”) practice, by extending the eligibility age of insured (vehicle owners) to 65 years and age of vehicle to 10 years. This enhancement will benefit more drivers and enable a wider segment of vehicle owners to enjoy the benefits of PAYD, an opt-in feature to the company’s motor insurance that rewards customers for driving less as they adapt to their new lifestyles.


As the country moves into recovery from COVID-19, the WFH arrangement is co-existing in the new normal and reshaping people’s daily lifestyles in many ways. The WFH arrangement seems to be the preferred choice for 69% of the local workforce from a recent study undertaken by KPMG. This arrangement has led to a significant drop in nationwide traffic leading to the shift in working trends amongst Malaysians. Acknowledging the fact that more people are working from home, Tune Protect Malaysia believes that those who drive less should be aptly rewarded by paying less premiums than the frequent drivers.


PAYD was first introduced in August 2019 in support of a greener environment, helping reduce urban stress of commuting on roads, and to encourage the use of public transportation such as LRTs and MRTs in easing road congestions in the country. The growing urbanisation has resulted in the increased number of vehicles on Malaysian roads which in turn contributes to the pollution of the environment due to the release of concentrated exhaust fumes from these vehicles.


What is PAYD?


PAYD is an opt-in feature of Tune Protect Malaysia`s Motor Insurance plan which rewards car owners with low mileage a refund up to 20% of the basic premium paid. Private car owners who are between the ages of 28-65 years and who own vehicles aged between 0-10 years with sum insureds ranging between RM40,000 to RM300,000 will be qualified to opt-in for the PAYD benefit when subscribing to Tune Protect Motor insurance. Following a tier system, customers will get to enjoy a 20% refund on their basic motor insurance premiums if their mileage usage is between 0-6,000km, and a 15% refund if it falls between 6,001km to 8,000km at the expiry of the policy. PAYD is a complementary plan that is free of charge and the refund is on top of the vehicle’s No Claim Discount (NCD).

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The plan operates by referring to the vehicle’s mileage data that is recorded from the odometer, stating the kilometers driven to-date. Customers who opt-in for PAYD will receive a personalised URL link via SMS and email to submit photographs of their vehicle’s odometer reading thrice during the duration of the year. These submission points are at the inception of the motor insurance policy, 180 days after inception, and at the point of expiry.


We had received a lot of positive feedback from vehicle owners when we first introduced PAYD including requests to expand its eligibility criteria so that more car owners can enrol and benefit from this feature,” said William Foo (“William”), Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect Malaysia. “We are delighted to be able to fulfil these requests and quite timely in this new normal where more and more individuals have adopted to the WFH arrangement permanently. We want to offer the opportunity for people to enjoy the benefits earned from their everyday lifestyles,” William concluded.


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