Maxim Celebrate Chinese New Year

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Maxim Celebrate Chinese New Year

The amazing Chinese New Year (CNY) is one of the major celebrations in Asia, and Malaysia is one of the countries who also celebrates the holiday beautifully together, not only Chinese in Malaysia that enjoy it but the entire country  with many races. CNY has their own traditions like visiting family, time to feast and traditional foods. By this chance Maxim Malaysia will love to celebrate the festival together with everyone, we believe that users can use the Maxim application  to make the celebration go smoothly.

Maxim Malaysia, well known as e-hailing that offers transportation service and is available throughout the entire country. During the family visiting on CNY, users can try to use Maxim as their transportation because it is more easy, drivers will drop in front of the door and users can choose the varieties of cars like economy, comfort and MPV (6 seaters).  Users just need to pin the current location and include the destination, the driver will come to pick up and passengers can enjoy the ride convenience.

Open house or feast is one of the traditional activities in the time of CNY, usually older members of the family will conduct it and invite the entire family. It is like bringing the family home again and the best time to be together. The host can book Maxim e-hailing for their guest to attend the feast because everyone’s appearance matters during the festival. Users just need to inform the driver and drop the passenger phone number at the message, and now the gathering can be more meaningful with the attendance of the entire family.

Not to forget, the best part of the celebration is giving a beautiful red envelope known as angpau that are usually given out by elders and married couples as gifts to the young and unmarried. By giving the gift they believe that it can bring joy with good luck,bestow blessings and good wishes of longevity, prosperity, and good health to the recipient.

With this opportunity Maxim Malaysia wants to join the culture to give angpau to everyone who celebrates the festival. Just add the promo code of “CNY2023” on the application and users can relish RM30 in Maxim account.. The code can be used for new users and users who are not active in 90 days and the angpau can be used for the next order that can decrease to 10% of the total price.

Users also can deliver gifts, foods or anpau to friends and family through Maxim delivery. There’s three choices of delivery that can be made by motorcycle, car or buy and delivery. Buy and delivery is the service when users need a driver to buy from the store and deliver it.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Maxim Malaysia to create the best memories for 2023 celebration, don’t need to worry because Maxim got you! Just open the application and Maxim is ready to serve you.


Maxim Malaysia started operating in 2018 and growing strongly, and available throughout Malaysia. Maxim not only focused on e-hailing, but the services have diversified into parcel courier, towing, jump start, cargo and food delivery that are ready to meet your daily needs. Maxim application is available to download through Play Store, App Store, Huawei App Gallery and Galaxy Store. Enjoy your ride with Maxim Malaysia with an affordable and convenient trip.

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