Made to win the night: the new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+

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  • Bold new looks advance the iconic E-Class from every angle. The redesigned LED headlamps, a new expression of the vertical-bar AMG grille, and a deep front apron with aggressive air intakes add up to a more commanding presence.
  • The AMG-developed V8 is engineered for a new era of performance. Generating extreme output from modest displacement, the 612-hp V8 biturbo engine, capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds. It is the most powerful E-Class engine yet.
  • The three-dimensional flow of the E-Class cockpit is more than a visual achievement. Its interior gets a thorough enhancement with the Widescreen Cockpit, the new AMG Performance steering wheel and the new MBUX infotainment system with AMG-specific functions and displays that underscore its membership in the AMG family.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia today announces the availability of the new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+, introducing outstanding performance and vehicle dynamics at the highest level. The new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+, boasts a 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo engine with sprint from 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds.

 “The new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ is the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars collection. Not only has the vehicle become more powerful, comfortable and intelligent, it will also provide our customers with a new level of driving experience. Together in our pursuit of the maximum Driving Performance, this new vehicle is a guaranteed head-turner,” says Michael Jopp, VP of Marketing and Sales at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.

The handcrafted AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine

The AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+, continues to achieve 450 kW (612 hp) and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. It is available across a wide engine speed range from 2500 to 4500 rpm, thus conveying the feeling of effortless superiority with every accelerator pedal position. The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+, completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.

In order to ensure optimum output and response from the AMG 4.0-litre V8 engine, the two exhaust gas turbochargers feature twin-scroll technology. They reduce the exhaust gas backpressure and optimize the gas cycle. Thanks to the standard cylinder shutoff and further measures, the performance models are highly efficient. When the driver has selected the “Comfort” drive program, the cylinder deactivation system is available in a wide engine speed range from 1000 to 3250 rpm. A special display in the instrument cluster indicates whether the cylinder deactivation system is in use and whether the engine is presently operating in four or eight-cylinder mode. The transition between these two operating states is immediate, fast and torque-neutral, so the occupants do not have to relinquish any comfort.

The car in its competitive segment is fitted with dynamic engine mounts. They solve the conflicting goals of achieving as soft a connection as possible to the powertrain for high comfort and as rigid a connection as possible for optimum driving dynamics. The dynamic mounts are quickly and variably able to adapt their stiffness to the driving conditions and requirements. These measures enhance the vehicle’s precision when driven dynamically, while the soft setting increases comfort tangibly.

Emotional and powerful

Bold new looks advance the iconic E-Class from every angle. The redesigned LED headlamps, a new expression of the vertical-bar AMG grille, and a deep front apron with aggressive air intakes add up to a more commanding presence. The rear is dramatically reshaped, as well, with new horizontally oriented LED tail lamps adding sporty distinction. Flared side sills, twin power domes in the hood, and a rear apron with functional diffuser assert the extensive attention to aerodynamic and visual detail.

The reshaped rear apron emphasizes the broad effect on the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+, and has a positive effect on aerodynamics. The lower part is in high-gloss black, elegantly structured with a trim strip in Silver Shadow high gloss black with AMG Night Package.

The 20-inch, 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels are also aerodynamically optimized with a wider aero rim edge. New body colours include, polar white, obsidian black metallic, graphite grey metallic, mojave silver metallic, nautic blue metallic, selenite grey metallic, high-tech silver metallic, designo selenite grey magno, designo spectral blue magno, designo diamond white bright, designo and hyacinth red metallic.

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Further individual focuses can be set with the AMG Night Package. The exterior mirror housings, window frames, trim insert in the longitudinal members and trim elements in the front and rear apron are kept in high-gloss black here. There are also tailpipe trim elements in black chrome. The AMG-specific radiator grille is also available in a darkened design. Exclusively available for the 63-series models, the AMG Exterior Carbon-Fibre Package I comprises a front splitter, trim insert in the longitudinal member and the trim element in the rear apron in carbon fibre.

The interior combines a fine ambience and high-quality materials with the characteristic AMG performance. Upholstery for the AMG seats are in nappa leather, combining secure lateral support with high comfort on long journeys and have an AMG-specific seat upholstery layout with an “AMG” badge in the front seat backrests. The trim for the dashboard and beltlines as well as seat belts are in crystal grey. Nappa leather in black/titanium grey pearl with yellow contrasting topstitching is in the range as a new AMG-specific upholstery.

New AMG Performance steering wheel in twin-spoke design

With a distinctive twin-spoke design and seamlessly integrated buttons, the new AMG Performance steering wheel creates an even closer link between human and machine. The three-rounded twin spokes combine stability with lightness, and the steering wheel rim is a hallmark motorsport feature. The cover is in a combination of leather and DINAMICA microfibre. In the steering wheel rim there is also a sensor mat to detect “hands-on”. If the driver does not have their hands on the steering wheel for a certain time, a warning cascade starts, which then activates Emergency Brake Assist if the driver continues to be inactive.

The electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering has a variable ratio and impresses with its precise, authentic feedback. The steering servo assistance reduces at high speeds, and continuously increases at lower speeds. This means that comparatively little steering force is required at low speeds, while the best possible control over the vehicle maintains at high speeds. The steering assistance assigns to the various stages of the AMG DYNAMICS system. Comfortable steering tuning is set in “Basic”. In “Advanced” and “Master/Pro”, the driver receives incrementally more feedback about the driving status thanks to sportier steering tuning.The new buttons seamlessly integrated into the surfaces of the horizontal twin spokes have a very elegant look. Haptic sensing aids in the area of the symbols make control easier.

Short shift times, high efficiency: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission tuned especially to the requirements of the performance models. The autonomous software enables extremely short shift times and fast multiple downshifts while the double-clutching function makes for an emotive gear shifting experience. A wet multi-plate start-off clutch replaces the torque converter. It saves weight and optimizes response, especially when accelerating or coming off the power.

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ variable all-wheel drive with Drift Mode

The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ is equipped with the AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. This intelligent system combines the advantages of different drive concepts: torque distribution on the front and rear axles, which is fully variable for the first time, ensures optimum traction on any surface

It is still possible to drift thanks to fully variable torque distribution with the Drift Mode integrated into The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+. This activates through the “RACE” drive program using the shift paddles, once the ESP® deactivates, and the transmission is in manual mode. When Drift Mode is active, the vehicle becomes a purely rear-wheel drive vehicle. Drift Mode remains engaged until the driver deactivates it again.

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For improved traction and driving dynamics, the performance models are equipped with an electronically regulated rear axle-locking differential. This reduces the slip on the inside wheel when cornering, without any control intervention in the braking system. The driver is able to accelerate out of bends earlier and more powerfully. The car remains more stable when braking from high speeds; the locking differential improves traction when moving off.

For a personalised experience: AMG DYNAMIC SELECT and AMG DYNAMICS

With the DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs, up to six options are available including “Slippery”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+”, “Individual” and “RACE”. The characteristics of the new models influences at the tap of a finger. The available range extends from efficient and comfortable to very sporty. The modes modify key parameters, such as the response of the engine, transmission, suspension and steering. Independently of the DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs, the driver has the option of switching directly to manual mode, in which gearshifts execute exclusively using the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The suspension set-up selections can be as specific as needed.

”Hey Mercedes” with enhanced MBUX – your interior assistant

The trailblazing voice control activated with the words “Hey Mercedes” is also part of the standard specifications. Thanks to artificial intelligence, MBUX recognizes and understands nearly all sentences from the fields of infotainment and vehicle operation, even if expressed indirectly. In many countries MBUX now addresses the customer with the familiar form of “you” rather than more formally. In hopes that this will help reinforce the emotional tie between the customer and MBUX as a personal assistant. As a further new feature, it is possible to have the weather forecast for specific regions read out – in virtually all languages.

A further highlight is the MBUX infotainment system with a touchscreen and touchpad, the intelligent voice control plus AMG-specific displays and settings. The two displays for the instrument cluster and multimedia displays blend visually beneath a shared glass cover to form the Widescreen Cockpit. Via the AMG menu, the driver can call up various special AMG displays such as Engine Data, gear speed indicator, Warm-up, Set-Up, G-Meter and RACETIMER. With individual AMG displays such as visualization of the drive programs or telemetry data, the touchscreen multimedia display likewise underscores the dynamic configuration.

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