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Perfect for on-the-go and with hot meal options for any time of day

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 MAY 2022 − The team at Shell deli2go has been cooking up something big in their kitchen! Known as a popular on-the-go destination for quick and fresh meals since 2013, deli2go is expanding its menu beyond just pastries. Customers can now enjoy an array of dishes and scrumptious hot meals, with a unique twist.

Themed as “Layan Panas-Panas”, the new hot food menu features their signature croffle, Ayam Masak Merah Mac n Cheese (for that spicy kick) and a version that is also perfect for kids, the Meatball Bolognese Mac and Cheese. deli2go also caters for meat-free options, with one of their latest offerings comprising the Asam Pedas Pasta and Satay Wrap. 

The Satay Wrap is developed together with Nestle Professional. It is Harvest Gourmet plant-based chargrilled pieces that are doused in Malaysia’s favourite satay sauce; perfect for on-the-go and filled with plant-based goodness. All these meals are prepared on-site and are available now at all deli2go outlets* in Malaysia.

“We continue to ensure our Shell stations are the most convenient locations for our customers; not just as a place to stop for fuel, but to also get tasty and high-quality food. Through deli2go, Shell is committed to refuel Malaysians with a warm meal, energy boost, and a satisfying gastronomic experience. As people’s busy lives require even more on the move convenience, our aim is to make our deli2go outlets the best pit-stop for customers before they continue with their journey,” Seow Lee Ming, General Manager Mobility, Malaysia & Singapore. 

To commemorate the launch of its new menu, deli2go is taking it to the road with its Layan Panas-Panas roving truck, treating Malaysians with FREE samplings of their hot meals. Starting at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, the truck will drive along the Malaysia Peninsular and stop at 70 local hotspots and Shell stations from 25th April until 5th June 2022. 

“With most people travelling to their hometowns during the Raya season, we want to give opportunities for everyone to experience an exclusive taste of this new menu. Track down Layan Panas-Panas truck near you and the crew will dish out free delicacies,” Seow added.

Apart from experiencing the exciting menu for free, take a picture with this special truck and you will be entitled to vouchers that can be redeemed when purchasing the new hot meals at the nearest deli2go stations till the end of July. 

Customers can also redeem selected deli2go hot meals using their Kilometres (KM) with fuels as a currency through Shell’s latest campaign, ‘Ekstra KM Belanja’ from 1st May until 10th July. Customers will be rewarded with more KM, the more they fuel and spend at Shell’s stations.

Ready to put your taste buds in action? Add Layan Panas-Panas truck tour to your calendar or visit one of 380 deli2go outlets nationwide to try out the new menu by yourself. 

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For more information, please visit www.shell.com.my/motorists/insideourstations/deli2go.html 

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