by Kenny Yeoh

Kuala Lumpur, [16 April 2024] – Castrol, a leading automotive lubricant company, is proud to announce the launch of it’s new complimentary insurance program – tailored for motorcycle riders. This – initiative further emphasizes Castrol’s dedication to the safety and well-being of bikers, by offering comprehensive personal coverage.  

Partnership for Peace of Mind 

Developed in collaboration with MCIS Life – a leading life insurer, Zensung a fintech platform provider, and Standard Chartered Bank -Castrol’s regional banking partner, this program offers bikers peace of mind on the road.  Every purchase of Castrol Activ or Castrol Activ Essential products from authorised Castrol workshops or official online stores automatically qualifies consumers for complimentary insurance coverage.  

The application process is designed for seamless experience:  

  • Purchase Castrol Activ or Castrol Activ Essential from authorised Castrol outlet or Castrol official store in e-commerce. 
  • Scan the QR code at participating outlets or use the code included with online purchases. 
  • Upload the receipt and provide required details (name, IC, mobile number, and email) via the Castrol Protect portal, powered by MCIS Life and Zensung. 

Immediate Coverage and Stackable Benefits 

Within minutes, a policy will be issued, providing one month of complimentary coverage for accidental death or total permanent disability (up to RM4,000) and funeral expenses (up to RM1,000), for a total value of RM5,000. Bikers can hold up to three active policies simultaneously, maximising their protection.  

Celebrating a Commitment to Bikers 

Castrol will officially inaugurate launch this partnership with a ceremony on 27 March 2024 at the bp Malaysia office.  Mike Zhang, vice president of Castrol AsPac highlighting Castrol’s unwavering commitment to biker safety.  

“At Castrol, we are passionate about providing bikers with the best possible products and experience,” said Mike Zhang. “This new insurance program reflects that commitment. We are thrilled to partner with MCIS Life, Zensung, and Standard Chartered Bank to offer our customers this valuable complimentary coverage, giving them additional peace of mind on every ride.” 


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