A Persona Worth Remembering

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For most people, a car is seen largely as a means of transportation, helping them travel back and forth in their daily work schedule. However, for some, their cars means so much more. To these people, a car is a symbol of passion, love and friendship, but what if there was a car that is already special in its own way and stands out from the rest of its siblings? That car is none other than the Persona Black Edition.

Black is the New Style

As the name suggest, the predominant colour is black. But why choose black? Because black is the best colour that gives a sense of elegance and premium-ness.

The Persona Black Edition is painted black and comes with gold accents that subtly accentuate its bumpers and alloy wheels. On the outside, the Persona Black Edition looks unlike any other Proton Persona, as it offers not only practicality, but a dash of style and luxury.

The enhancements don’t stop on the outside. Take a look at the interior of the Proton Persona Black Edition and you’ll notice that the seats are wrapped in black leather, while the headlining, door trim and floor console have also been painted black. With all this changes, the Persona Black Edition is a car that punches above its segment.

Persona – Specially Made for You (and Your Family)

There are many reasons why the Persona is widely regarded as the ideal family sedan, but at the top of the list is its practical nature and safety features. The Proton Persona tick all the boxes because of the amount of space on the inside as there’s plenty of legroom, plus a 510 litres of boot space, but if you need more, the rear seats fold 60:40.  Now, thanks to its enhanced aesthetics, the Persona Black Edition now comes with a heightened level of style, you’d be hard pressed to find a car that offers so much, creating a favourable impression wherever you go.

Further enhancing the practicality of this car, are two USB charging ports towards the rear of the car, which is easily accessible by all occupants, electric door mirrors with auto fold function, and automatic headlamps that turn on when road visibility is compromised. While we are on the subject, this car has an intelligent entry system and a Push Start button for you to easily start the car.

In addition to that, the Persona is truly a family car that defines ‘Intelligence that Cares’. For starters, you have an N95 Cabin Filter to effectively filter out smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants for a cabin that’s healthier for the entire family. In terms of safety, PROTON did not compromise on the Persona. This car comes with a reverse camera with dynamic lines1, all round parking sensors, electric stability control (ESC) and traction control system (TCS) to keep the car in check when tackling corners. In fact, this car is so safe, that it has been granted a 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating, giving you a peace-of-mind when you’re out and about with your family in this car.

At the end of the day, the Persona Black Edition is a car that stands out from the competition. You may want to hurry though, because the Persona Black Edition will only be available in limited quantities. Visit PROTON’s official website https://www.proton.com/en to learn more.   

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