Regas Premium Sabah Unveils First Public EV Charging Facility in the Land Below the Wind

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Regas Premium Sabah Unveils First Public EV Charging Facility in the Land Below the Wind

BMW Group Malaysia’s sole authorised dealer in Sabah since 2018 spearheads sustainable transportation with the state’s first public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facility

Kota Kinabalu, 15th August 2023 — Regas Premium Sabah has unveiled the state’s first public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facility, located at the basement parking of T1 @ Bundusan. This milestone initiative reflects Regas Premium Sabah’s commitment to pioneering solutions for electromobility in the state, in line with BMW Group Malaysia’s charging infrastructure expansion plans nationwide.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “With the official unveiling of this new charging facility, we congratulate our long-time dealer partner for taking this bold step towards increasing accessibility to sustainable mobility for our customers and all EV owners in Kota Kinabalu. The significance of this achievement lies in its potential to reshape mobility habits and drive the adoption of electric vehicles in the region.”

Datuk Matthew Tan Yaw Tzuu, Dealer Principal and Managing Director of Regas Premium Sabah said, “We envision a Sabah where environmentally conscious choices are the norm, and the unveiling of the first public EV charging facility here is a significant stride towards that goal. This not only encourages the uptake of EVs but also aligns with government incentives designed to promote sustainable transportation options. We at Regas Premium Sabah believe that providing accessible charging infrastructure will empower more individuals to embrace EV ownership confidently.”

Regas Premium Sabah has collaborated with JomCharge, a prominent player in the EV charging solutions domain, to establish a state-of-the-art charging network that is accessible, convenient, and in line with the growing demand for sustainable transportation nationwide. The new charging facility features two bays capable of 11 kWh AC charging, located at the basement parking lot of T1 @ Bundusan, Jalan Bundusan, Taman Cemerlang, 89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The charging facility is now open 24 hours daily to the public, with a standard rate of RM6 per hour.

This landmark development is just the beginning of Regas Premium Sabah’s broader vision to expand the EV charging infrastructure throughout the region. The company is committed to making EV charging accessible to all corners of Sabah, with a particular focus on locations like Tawau as part of its upcoming expansion plans.

In the same vein, BMW Group Malaysia has also made over 1,000 charging facilities available in its network thus far. Access to over 400 of these facilities provided are through partnerships with ChargEV and Yinson Greentech, while the partnership with JomCharge enables access to over 100 charging facilities, Gentari with over 150 facilities as well as approximately 160 facilities from new partners such as Shell Recharge with ParkEasy, ChargeN’Go, ChargeSini, Go To-U and FlexiParking. Over 100 BMW i and MINI charging facilities are also available at most authorised dealerships, as well as partnering venues across the country, with more to come as part of the strategic infrastructure expansion plan set for the year ahead.

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