Redefining ‘Safe’ in the New World of Automotive

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Redefining ‘Safe’ in the New World of Automotive

Automotive safety should not only focus on the outside, but also the person behind the wheel because when you feel safe, you can truly be free

What was your first memory of safety? Was it the warmth of your parents’ hand as they held you to cross the street? Or was it the memory of your first bicycle – training wheels, helmet, knee pads and bells included? These memories go to show that one must feel ‘safe’ first before the physical aspects come into play. 

Embracing this psyche is Volvo Cars, who has had safety in mind for the past 95 years and leader in automotive safety.  As it journeys into another century of safety, Volvo Cars now has a vision to have zero fatal injuries in a Volvo car and this very commitment has compelled them to look inwards and look at safety differently. Onward from here, Volvo Cars is introducing a new chapter in their long-term brand platform – ”For Life” – a campaign that advocates for safety in mind, anchored upon the mindset that when you feel safe, you can be truly free. 

The Mindset to Rediscover Safety

This mindset is truly to accord drivers a peace of mind, and with that calls for everyone to relook at how we approach safety. The norm of driving is one where we focus on the road, while relying on the passive and active safety systems in our car. What we tend to overlook is our psychological state of mind when we are driving. Contributing factors such as fatigue, distractions or absence of mind may lead to unwanted incidents on the road, so Volvo Car’s For Life campaign aims to remind us that our lives aren’t put on hold when we get behind the wheel.

Volvo Cars believes that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are all variables that determine our right psychological state of mind to drive, and no matter how safe we make our cars, they’re only as safe as the mind that drives them – a blind spot discovered by Volvo Cars. 

When You Feel Safe, You Can Truly Be Free

The For Life campaign is centred upon the concept of approaching safety from the angle of one’s psychological being. To communicate this, Volvo Cars has introduced communication assets that spark us to look inwards, look at safety differently, and recognise that thoughts, feelings, and emotions come along for the ride.

The For Life campaign features a 60-second video centred on safety and highlights a collection of real-life stories, viewable via a link here. The video showcases relatable everyday moments – from a hand-holding parent to warm embraces, to receiving support from a loved one, and to the safety measures we must put in place before enjoying what life has to offer.

These key moments not only remind us to be more mindful of our own peace of mind, but also reinforce the fact  that  when you feel safe, you can truly be free. The For Life campaign also features thought-provoking safety questions to help us understand how life affects your drive and encourage drivers to look inwards and view safety differently. You can participate in the survey via the link, here

A Leader in Safety

The campaign is Volvo Cars’ next chapter in establishing itself as an excellent role model of automotive safety. For 95 years and counting, Volvo Cars has never wavered in its journey to a peace of mind. It began with the introduction of the three-point safety belt to the world, then capping its speed cap limit to 180 km/h in all its cars and now, the debut of its For Life campaign.

This is only the beginning of many more to come as Volvo Cars ushers into a brand-new era of safety for life, caring about our world and the people around us. Safety is a crucial part of the company culture and central to everything they do, and this is why Volvo Cars will always focus on safety so you can drive with peace of mind.

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