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BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles and power batteries, has officially launched the BAO 5 in Beijing, under its professional personalized sub-brand FANGCHENGBAO.  It comes in three versions with a price range of RMB 289,800 to 352,800 

The brand name FANGCHENGBAO, derived from Chinese phonetics, symbolizes a blend of precision (“FANGCHENG” for “formula”) and agility (“BAO” for “leopard”). The BAO 5 is the first model of FANGCHENGBAO equipped with the Dual Mode Off-road (DMO) Super Hybrid Platform. DMO stands out as a predominantly electric-driven, professional-grade off-road platform that promises a transformative off-road experience while championing energy efficiency, and empowering every user with cutting-edge technology.

Aspires to Redefine Vehicular Experience

The BAO 5 positions itself as a “Super Hybrid Hardcore SUV”. With the world’s first longitudinal EHS electric hybrid system, the industry-first off-road rear-drive powertrain, as well as the off-road-specific longitudinal 1.5T high-performance engine, the BAO 5 is capable of delivering a maximum power of 505kW and a combined torque of 760N-m, surpassing the performance of traditional 5.0T engines. As a result, the 0-100 km sprint time of BAO 5 reaches a 4-second level, the first of its class. Using a millisecond-response electric four-wheel drive system, the BAO 5 can adapt to different off-road conditions accurately and adjust power distribution accordingly. Thanks to the 16 driving modes, users can effortlessly navigate through swampy terrains, rugged mountains, gravelly slopes, and many other extreme terrains. Also the BAO 5’s off-road maneuverability is one of the best in its class with a minimum turning radius of only 3.4 meters.

16 Driving Modes Cover All Scenarios

Incorporating the Non-Load-Bearing Frame with the Cell To Chassis (CTC) technology, BAO 5 has a lower center of mass and 50:50 axle load ratio. With front and rear double-wishbone independent suspension, BAO 5 provides exceptional handling and comfort comparable to urban SUVs. Thanks to the DMO platform, BAO 5 offers an impressive Comprehensive Long Trip Capability (CLTC) range of up to 1,200 km. The 6kW vehicle-to-load (VTL) discharge capability together with the optional 2.5-ton trailer hitch significantly enhances the convenience and availability of outdoor camping and other travel experiences. FANGCHENGBAO will also customize configurations for each BAO 5, including choices of 7 car paint colors, 3 interior colors, wheel hub size and shape and pedal options, etc.

Inside, the smart cockpit of BAO 5 features an exclusive, newly-designed UI, FiLink. It supports multi-screen interconnection and gesture operation, allowing the sharing of video, music, wallpaper and file content with just a single swipe. The cockpit also features high-end Nappa leather seats, offering a wide range of options for adjustments. It also boasts the DEVIALET audio system with 18 customized professional speakers, providing a fascinating auditory experience.

The Interior of BAO 5

Safety Is The Real Luxury

The frame of BAO 5 has 96% of high-strength steel, creating a strong chassis for users. The new Non-Load-Bearing Frame employs a dual force-transfer path, reducing the front-impact intrusion by 30% and side-impact intrusion by 25%. BAO 5 uses the ultra-safe blade battery, which adopts a 5-layer protection structure and is shielded by a ring-type double protection system. As a result, it has an underbody resistance capability of 1200J, 10 times above the industry standard. Additionally, all three versions of BAO 5 are equipped with 11 airbags, and an L2+ Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for the safety of users at all times.

The Frame Of BAO 5 Has 96% Of High-Strength Steel

Earlier this year, at its launch event, FANGCHENGBAO unveiled two other models, concept car BAO 8 and BAO 3, highlighting its robust product matrix and its dedication to professionalism and individuality.

FANGCHENGBAO operates three types of stores – sales service centers, MINI centers, and retail centers – catering to varied consumer demands via diverse services. The initial batch of 70 stores has commenced operations, and by the end of 2023, there will be 150 stores across 80 Chinese cities to provide customers with attentive services.

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