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The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably had a massive impact on how businesses around the world operate. With limitations on the types of businesses that can operate and changes in the way customers are served, businesses of all sizes, from major corporations to SMEs and home businesses are facing great economic challenges, with some cutting staff numbers, closing down branches, selling assets or even filing for bankruptcy in worst case scenarios.


For some businesses, the new normal has shown the importance of being able to operate from home, with sales conducted via digital platforms and home deliveries replacing walk-in customers and dining-in experiences. Although delivery agents and platforms may have seen income growth, this change in logistics also resulted in an increase in cost for both business operators and customers, both who incur additional charges when selling or buying due to delivery fees and fees to use e-commerce and food ordering platforms.


In response to this need for new business logistics options, SOCAR Malaysia launched the SOCAR Business Mobility plan during the Movement Control Order (MCO), to empower SMEs and home businesses with new mobility solutions. Soon after that, SOCAR partnered with logistics companies such as Teleport, Lalamove, MrSpeedy and Pickupp to further empower small and home business owners and delivery agents with more opportunities to generate income during the current economic uncertainty.


Among the early adopters of the SOCAR Business Mobility plan is Muhammad Uzaini Bashah who has been selling baked goods such as Belgian Fudgy Brownies, Craquelin Creampuffs, Portuguese Egg Tarts and Burnt Cheesecake from home for the past 4 months. Uzaini, 36, had previously used delivery services to send the baked goods to his customers and also personally made deliveries to frequent customers. Following the implementation of the Movement Control Order, he started using the SOCAR Business Mobility plan because of its affordability as well as the free petrol. With his business recently seeing an increase in sales, he strongly believes that having the SOCAR Business Mobility plan as an option is an advantage for home businesses. Uzaini hopes to continue using the SOCAR Business Mobility plan even after the Conditional Movement Control Order has been lifted.


Hazwan Wahab, 30, who runs a home business selling facial creams and essential oils, realised that using his own car for business deliveries would have undesirable effects in the long run, including excessive wear and tear. He then started looking for alternate options and stumbled upon the SOCAR Business Mobility plan on Facebook. A frequent user of other SOCAR services, he has utilised the SOCAR-2-YOU feature as well as picked up vehicles from the SOCAR zone nearest to him. Hazwan welcomes the introduction of the SOCAR Business Mobility plan, considering it definitely convenient and hassle-free for him because of the wide coverage areas in which SOCARs are available. Like Uzaini, Hazwan too plans to continue using the SOCAR Business Mobility plan and eagerly looks forward to new offerings and features from SOCAR.

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For Petaling Jaya resident Roslaily Rosli, who operates a home business selling baked goods such as cakes and tea-time snacks, she was truly excited when the SOCAR Business Mobility plan was introduced. Since all her orders are cash on delivery, she prefers meeting her customers in person instead of using a delivery service. A loyal SOCAR user for some time, Roslaily, 41, feels that the plan has benefitted her and her business in many ways, particularly by helping her cut back on transportation costs.


Some of the more popular choices of transportation by SOCAR Business Mobility users are Perodua Axia and Perodua Myvi in areas such as Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang with the most common bookings ranging from less than 12 hours up to 5 days.


The SOCAR Business Mobility plan serves as a convenient, safe and hygienic option for businesses looking to operate while keeping transportation costs in check during this current pandemic. For more information, please visit


To use SOCAR, download the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow SOCAR’s Facebook page for the latest updates.


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