Price Update for the BMW and MINI Portfolios in January 2024

by Kenny Yeoh

With regard to global inflation rates and rising manufacturing costs an average price update of approximately
2.3% (inclusive of BSRI) and 0.3% (inclusive of MSRI) will come into effect for a range of BMW and MINI models
in Malaysia, respectively from 1st January 2024.

To maintain BMW Group Malaysia’s best-in-segment warranty and maintenance programmes, BMW and MINI
Service and Repair Inclusive (BSRI/MSRI) package prices will face this increase effective 1st January 2024,
contributing to the overall general price increase.

Across the BMW portfolio, there will be an overall price increase of 1 to 2% without BSRI in Malaysia. For the
MINI portfolio, the current line-up of vehicles will not receive a price update in Malaysia. However, the 2024
MSRI rate increase will be applied for all models, with an increase ranging from 0.3 to 0.5%.

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