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JAECOO Malaysia’s maiden premium off-road SUV, the J7, is officially available to the public for test drives. Aspiring to give fans a taste of a premium urban lifestyle experience, JAECOO Malaysia teamed up with BÖN Estates, a Malaysian boutique property developer.

Since officially kicking off the J7 public test drives on 9 May, the synergy has witnessed brisk foot traffic by both prospective SUV fans and homeowners, with close to 2,000 visitors to the BÖN Estates Gallery in Bangsar in just four days and over 470 test drives during the same period.

Collaboratively curating a complete urban lifestyle experience

Speaking about a shared interest in delighting customers, JAECOO Malaysia President, Leo Chen, said, “Malaysia’s emerging group of sophisticated urbanites enjoy the finer things in life, and this is the appeal of the JAECOO brand. We are excited to work with BÖN Estates because we share a passion for crafting premium lifestyle experiences for fans and customers. We believe this collaboration creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for guests looking for their dream SUV and possibly their dream home too, and vice versa.”

“BÖN Estates is thrilled to realise the potential of this partnership with JAECOO Malaysia. In addition to expanding our reach and visibility to a wider customer base, we look forward to enriching lifestyle offerings for our BÖN Community and new customers seeking an elevated sense of living. The JAECOO J7 test drives at our strategic and prestigious gallery in Bangsar is one of several pioneering experiences customers can look forward to,” said BÖN Estates Founder and Group CEO, Goh Soo Sing. 

In the driver’s seat of Malaysia’s new challenger SUV

Both the JAECOO J7 All-wheel Drive (AWD) and Two-wheel Drive (2WD) variants were made available at the BÖN Estates Gallery for the public test drive. Against the backdrop of BÖN Estates signature living spaces combining natural elements with modern technology, the sophisticated design of the J7 was on par with the premium appeal. Eye-catching features like the J7’s hexagonal vertical waterfall grille, 19-inch “Aurora-inspired” alloy wheels, and split lighting system that creates a near-natural daylight effect, generated reactions of awe and curiosity among visitors.

“JAECOO Malaysia is excited to pursue collaborations with like-minded brands like BÖN Estates who are passionate about delivering best-in-class experiences for customers within the same segment. We are pleased to share that the J7 test drives were well received. We have recorded over 400 appointments to test the J7 and its capabilities. Our survey revealed that the J7’s torque, manoeuvrability, user friendliness of the vehicle and the extreme comfort of the multilink suspension system were the most popular features test drivers enjoyed or were most curious about,” said JAECOO Vice President, Emily Lek.

Among the other features of the J7 AWD and 2WD that proved to intrigue guests included the SUVs Intelligent Technology Cabin made accessible by a 14.8-Inch Central Display, which houses the SUV’s navigation controls. Furthermore, creature comforts such as a 540-degree camera, 50W Air-cooled Wireless Charger, SONY Surround Sound System and Apple Car Play and Android Auto added to the J7’s desirable craftsmanship.

In the driver’s seat, guests had a first-hand experience of the J7’s superior engine performance. Guests were introduced to the J7 AWD’s adaptive controls with seven different driving modes to tackle all-road conditions, all while delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency and superior acceleration with a consumption of 7.48L/100KM. Understanding every driver’s focus to keep passengers safe, the J7 showcased the design and technology behind its global 5-star security and safety standard through the test drives. The J7 AWD is estimated at RM160,000 while the J7 2WD is estimated at RM150,000.

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The J7 Test drives will continue at the BÖN Estates Gallery on appointment basis. The public can book a test drive via JAECOO Malaysia website at jaecoo.com.my.

Subsequently, the public will also have the opportunity to test drive the J7 during the highly anticipated Malaysia Autoshow 2024 being held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) from 22 to 24 May.

For more details, visit www.jaecoo.com.my and JAECOO Malaysia social platforms.

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