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Kuala Lumpur, 13th October 2020 – Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Isuzu Malaysia) announces today that the company has recently inaugurated the opening of its very first medium and heavy-duty (MHD) truck dealership in East Malaysia.

Located in Kuching, Sarawak, this new MHD truck dealership named Dai Max Automobile Sdn Bhd offers sales, service and spare parts (under the 3S category), and convenient accessibility to customers’ truck drivers thanks to its geographically strategic site being near to industrial areas.

An event officiating the MHD dealership opening was held recently on 30 September, which was attended by the senior management teams of Isuzu Malaysia and its dealer partner, Dai Max Automobile Sdn Bhd.

Speaking at the event, Koji Nakamura, Chief Executive Officer, Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd said, “We are very excited with the opening of Isuzu Malaysia’s first MHD truck dealership in Kuching which underscores our commitment to expanding our customer reach in this part of Malaysia, as well as strengthening our aftermarket services and maximising our customers’ satisfaction and trust in us.”

This new dealership occupies roughly 3,000 square meters in total area size, with the workshop taking up about 650 square meters.

“This dealership is designed to deliver exceptional sales and service experience to meet the needs of our customers throughout the region. With a large facility combined with a convenient location, it will definitely enable us to serve our East Malaysian customers better thus contributing to their business productivity,” added Nakamura.

According to Isuzu Malaysia, it has taken Dai Max Automobile Sdn Bhd about five years to complete this new dealership. The building is built according to the latest workshop design and the facilities allow easy manoeuvring of the trucks for service or repair.

In addition, there are  three extra bays for light commercial vehicle and light-duty vehicle, and two extra bays for MHD trucks. The dealership also has ample parking spaces and efficient workshop layout for trucks that are waiting to be inspected.

Equipped with a team of well-trained and skilled technicians, Isuzu’s latest diagnostic tools and spare parts to detect or repair any issues, customers can look forward to experiencing minimum truck downtime and increase business efficiency.

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Amenities such as family-friendly customer lounge, prayer room and complimentary snacks and beverages are also available for truck drivers to enjoy before they hit the road again once the truck is ready.

“With this new MHD truck dealership our aim is to focus on potential customers, strengthening our team’s product knowledge and technical skills to support Isuzu Malaysia in achieving growth in this region. Through product innovation, quality service and people, we will be able to create new capabilities to provide the best support for our customers.

“We will do this by providing competitive pricing for parts and technical services to exceed our customers’ expectations. This will eventually connect to fleet and parts sales, attract new fleet customers and create strong product and brand awareness,” added Nakamura.

With this new opening, Isuzu Malaysia now has 11 MHD dealerships with 10 of it located at easy-to-access sites in various states in Peninsular Malaysia.

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