Checked Your Vehicle’s Health Yet?

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Checked Your Vehicle’s Health Yet

Have you ever wondered about the health status of your vehicle? Sure, we put a lot of thought and emphasis when it comes to our health but what about our four wheels that strive to keep us safe on the road? Just like us, our vehicles also need to undergo regular health checks to ensure it is operating at optimum safety levels at all times. 

With the upcoming school holidays and patriotic holidays in August and September – Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, vehicle health checks are even more crucial before driving off on a road trip with the family or for ‘balik kampung’ journeys. This could potentially save you from being stranded on the highway due to a breakdown or accident, especially when the roads are going to be jam packed with thousands of holiday-goers. 

To avoid such inconveniences, here are five basic vehicle health checks that should be done on a regular basis;

  1. Always remember your tyres!

Checking the condition of your tyres should be made a habit, no matter a long or short drive, as a tyre in dire condition is a hazard to everyone on the road. Without healthy tyres, drivers may find themselves skidding on a slippery road or even find that the brakes do not grip as well. Aside from ensuring there’s a spare tyre in the boot and checking the tyre’s air pressure, drivers should also check the tyre alignment, thickness of the brake pads as well as the tyre tread. 

  1. Swish, swish goes the wiper blades

Most drivers would not even think twice about the condition of their wipers, as long as it is still swishing and wiping rain water away. However, the health of wiper blades deteriorates too, especially when parked daily under the humid and hot sun. Look out for these signs and know when to get them changed; the rubber blades are cracked or peeling off, the blades leave streaks on the windshield, there is squeaking and the wiper frame is bent or looks damaged.

  1. Signal left or right, are your lights alright?

Every single light on the exterior of the car is equally important and it should be in good working condition at all times. However, it can get a bit tedious when it comes to maintaining the lights because chances are drivers would not even know if one is faulty. Whenever possible, perform a simple check at home to ensure all lights are in good condition. Aside from the headlights, rear lights, and fog lights, other more important lights to note are the indicator lights for switching lanes and brake lights to alert other drivers to slow down. 

  1. Battery problems? 

One of the first signs that the car battery is about to die is when you have trouble getting the car to start. The moment when the car starts chugging or huffing as you turn the ignition on, drive to your mechanic to get those batteries checked and changed if necessary. It is also good to note the lifespan of your battery and make a note of it somewhere in the car or on your phones so that you can remember. 

  1. Ensure a cooler vehicle for a cooler drive

While checking engine oils, also check the coolant levels in the vehicle as it might trigger a fire when heat cannot escape from the engine bay due to overheating. In simpler words, the engine radiator and cooling systems are what prevents a vehicle from overheating. The most common causes are faulty radiator fan, cooling system leak and low coolant levels. Never remove a radiator cap when the engine is hot as hot liquid could squirt out and injure you. If unsure, it is best to seek professional help at the mechanic. 

In addition to performing these routine checks to ensure your vehicle is operating at tip top shape, one other important measure to consider is getting a motor insurance. Similar to how health insurance may potentially save your life and looming medical costs, motor insurance can do the same. It is like a safety net to ensure your motor vehicle, along with the driver and passengers are well covered and insured.


At Liberty Insurance, Private Car EZY Plus – Comprehensive insurance is a holistic coverage plan to get as it doesn’t provide coverage only against own damage and third-party losses but also covers medical expenses, permanent disability or death in the event of an accident on the road and also covers child seat replacement if the seat is damaged due to accident, theft or flood. 

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In addition to this, you can also buy one of our Bundle add-ons that include coverage on PA for Passengers, Flood Allowance, 24-hours unlimited mileage towing, side mirror damage and others. 

Liberty Insurance also offers an efficient claim process with its Liberty Own Damage (OD) Express Claim that is only applicable with its Private Car EZY Plus – Comprehensive plan. Claims can be made via any smart phone and the accident must be reported within 48 hours for express claims disbursement. 

To find out more about Liberty Insurance’s Motor Insurance and its claims process, visit

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