Caltex Ohayo promotion rewards two customers with a Toyota C-HR each

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Customers can still win big at Caltex, through other ongoing promotions with amazing prizes up for grabs

SHAH ALAM, Selangor, September 9 2020 — Caltex® has yet again rewarded its loyal customers recently, by awarding the grand prizes to winners of their Caltex Ohayo promotion. Two lucky Caltex customers each drove away with a brand-new Toyota C-HR after being selected as the grand prize winners of the promotion.

Khairul Fikrie bin Alias (right) receiving the mock keys to his brand-new Toyota C-HR from Jeff Tan (left) after winning the grand prize in the Caltex Ohayo promotion.
Jeff Tan (right) handing over the mock keys of the Toyota C-HR to Mohd Yarid bin Ahmad (left), who is also crowned the grand prize winner of the Caltex Ohayo promotion.

The winners, Khairul Fikrie bin Alias, 34 and Mohd Yarid bin Ahmad, 32, both hailing from Pahang, were taken aback when they were informed of their win. “I am a loyal Caltex customer so when I heard about the contest, I did not hesitate to try my luck. With my JOURNEY Card in hand, I made sure every fuel purchase exceeded the RM30 threshold. Now that I have won, I can take road trips in my new Toyota C-HR with family and friends! Thank you, Caltex!”, Khairul Fikrie rejoiced.

“Now I can take road trips driving in my new Toyota C-HR with family and friends. Thank you, Caltex!” – Caltex Ohayo promotion’s grand prize winner, Pahang-native Khairul Fikrie posing with his Toyota C-HR in White Pearl.
Mohd Yarid, as seen here with his brand-new Toyota C-HR said he never thought of winning the grand prize from the Caltex Ohayo promotion. “For an average person like me, winning a car seemed very farfetched but I am grateful for being the chosen one!”

Meanwhile, Mohd Yarid said he was not expecting to win the Toyota C-HR prize, so it came as a pleasant surprise to him. “For the longest time, I have never thought of winning a car from a contest like this. It is something very farfetched for an average person like me. I wasn’t putting my hopes too high, but miracles do happen. It’s such a surreal feeling to have won a car from this and I am very grateful to Caltex for giving me this opportunity!”

The Caltex Ohayo promotion which ended on July 15, 2020, rewarded lucky Caltex customers with the experience on ‘all things Japanese’ with prizes from Toyota, Panasonic, and AEON. Be on the lookout as Caltex will be announcing the second and third prize winners of the Ohayo promotion on its official social media channels within this week.

“At Caltex, we constantly seek novel and creative ways to reward our customers through good and challenging times, and this was exactly what we did with the Ohayo promotion. The prize presentation also came at an opportune time, as we would also like to take this opportunity to wish the nation Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan and Selamat Hari Malaysia, in conjunction with Malaysia’s two very special national celebrations,” said Jeff Tan, Deputy General Manager of Chevron Malaysia Limited, which markets the Caltex brand in Malaysia. 

“We would like to congratulate everyone who has won. That being said, all Caltex customers are winners to us, for their winning choice of Caltex premium fuels and lubricants, which have been scientifically proven to deliver optimum results while helping to protect engines,” Jeff continued. 

To participate in the Ohayo contest, Caltex customers were simply required to fuel-up a minimum of RM30 and send an image of their receipt to a dedicated WhatsApp number. Those who missed this opportunity, however, need not fret as Caltex is currently running other ongoing promotions for more opportunities for customers to win big!

The first is through the Caltex “Tap & Win via Visa Contactless” initiative, where with a 10-time minimum spend of RM5, customers stand a chance to win up to 100% cashback and the grand prize of a Mercedes-Benz A200 sedan! The campaign runs till September 30, 2020. Caltex also introduced their “Tebus & Jimat” promotion earlier this year that allows Caltex JOURNEY and B Infinite card holders to redeem 2,020 BPoints for fuel worth RM25 that would otherwise cost 2,500 BPoints. This campaign runs until September 13, 2020.

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Meanwhile, Caltex has also established a collaboration with the Nutrifresh brand of quality food storage ware from Europe. From now, customers who pump any amount at a Caltex station will be eligible to buy one Nutrifresh product and get another for free. This offer will run from September 9, whilst stocks last.

So, head on over to your nearest Caltex station and give your car the premium care it deserves with Techron. Who knows? You might just join the ranks of other lucky customers who have won big with Caltex. For more information, visit or the official Caltex Malaysia Facebook page at

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