BMW Malaysia presents the Ultimate in Electric Luxury, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport at PACE 2023.

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BMW Malaysia unveils a pinnacle of luxury and innovation, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport, setting new standards in Electric Mobility at the Premium Auto Care Expo (PACE) 2023.

Kuala Lumpur, 4th November 2023 – BMW Malaysia today unveiled a new era in Electric Mobility with the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport at the Premium Auto Care Expo (PACE) 2023. This move represents a remarkable conclusion to the year, underscoring our commitment to Electric Mobility with our ongoing efforts to enhance our impressive lineup of BMW i vehicles, further propelling us on the path towards an electrified future.   

Hans de Visser, Managing Director at BMW Group Malaysia expressed, “BMW Malaysia is thrilled to introduce the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport, making monumental strides in the realm of Electric Mobility. This introduction serves as a remarkable milestone during our 20th year of delivering Sheer Driving Pleasure and is a testament to our achievement of becoming the Number One Premium EV provider in Malaysia, with the delivery of over 1,600 units of BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad EVs this year. By fostering meaningful partnerships with influential industry leaders, BMW Malaysia remains committed in its mission to shape the future of mobility in Malaysia. Today, we mark this significant milestone as a testament to BMW Malaysia’s steadfast dedication to driving electrification forward within our nation. With the introduction of the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport, we not only extend our BMW i fleet but also introduce cutting-edge innovations that will propel our journey toward a sustainable and electrified future.”   

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport makes a thrilling addition to the legendary BMW 5 Series portfolio, introducing a new era of driving excellence. This visionary vehicle not only epitomises unparalleled luxury, but also redefines the cutting-edge innovation and design language within the BMW i fleet, representing a harmonious fusion of sophistication, innovation and design excellence that sets a new benchmark within the market.

Iconic design meets modern innovation.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport stands out with its remarkable power, delivering an exceptional maximum output of 250kW / 340hp. With an outstanding electric range of up to 582 kilometers (WLTP), the electrical prowess can be further amplified by the innovative Max Range function, which enhances efficiency by 25 percent through comfort function deactivation and adjustments to the power and speed limitations. Adding to its thrilling performance, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport harnesses a peak torque of 430Nm in Sport Boost, propelling from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 6.0 seconds and reaching a top speed of 193km/h. Every journey with the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport is an auditory delight, thanks to the Iconic Sounds Electric system crafted by acclaimed film music composer, Hans Zimmer, providing authentic acoustic feedback that dynamically adapts according to the selected My Mode – adding an immersive dimension to every move you make.

At the heart of the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport lies a high-voltage battery situated in the underbody, which boasts an optimal battery capacity of 83.9kWh, serving as the foundation for the premium sedan’s impressive range. The battery’s efficiency is further enhanced by the cutting-edge adaptive recuperation and the utilisation of an intelligent heat pump technology.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport comes equipped with impressive charging capabilities, offering a high-powered DC charging option that can reach up to 205kW and 500A to enable a rapid charge of 80% capacity in just 34 minutes. When equipped with an 11kW AC Wallbox Charger, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport can achieve a 100% battery capacity in a mere 8 hours and 15 minutes, providing a convenient and versatile charging experience for drivers. As the leading provider of premium EVs in Malaysia, BMW Malaysia continues to lead the way in advancing the EV ecosystem – fortifying our commitment through the expansion of our charging network that extends to over 1,000 facilities across the nation, effectively alleviating the concern of range anxiety for Malaysians everywhere. Strategic collaborations with key industry players such as Gentari, Leader EV, and Handal DC exemplify our commitment to creating a comprehensive network that ensures BMW owners enjoy a seamless and unparalleled premium EV ownership experience, no matter where their journeys take them.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport is resplendent with the most distinctive features, with vertical LED strips adorning its headlights – creating an alluring identity during the day and night. The kidney grille, which draws stylistic inspiration from the iconic “Sharknose” design, serves as a visually striking centerpiece at the front of the vehicle. Married with the BMW Iconic Glow contour line, it exudes a stunning and handsome exterior appearance that captivates the eye. Further elevating the overall aesthetics is the M high gloss Shadowline, which features an exquisite finish to the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport.

Complementing the charismatic vehicle are the 21-inch BMW Individual aerodynamic 954 wheels in Bicolour Jet Black with mixed-size tyres, making a striking visual statement. The classic Hofmeister kink, a signature of the BMW 5 Series, transitions smoothly to the rear, giving the premium sedan the alluring appearance of a coupe. The adaptive LED headlights and slender LED taillights add a distinctive design accent, offering a refreshing and contemporary interpretation of the classic BMW 5 Series style. As for dimensions, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport measures 5,060mm in length, 1,900mm in width and 1,515mm in height, while its wheelbase measures 2,995mm. Compared to its predecessor, this is an increase of 97mm in length, 32mm in width, 36mm in height and 20mm in wheelbase. As for the boot space, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport provides 490 litres of capacity, providing optimum capacity for storage.

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For those who enjoy a sportier edge, the M Sport Package amplifies the dynamic appeal of the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport, with an aerodynamic front apron, muscular side skirts, and a rear apron with an eye-catching diffuser. The Adoptive Suspension Pro enhances the performance of the wheels by integrating electronically controlled shock absorbers, complete with Comfort and Sports settings – which offer two distinct mapping systems catered to the driver’s preferences. Inside, the noteworthy steering wheel featuring an innovative flattened bottom section sits in the front of the cabin, a first to the BMW 5 Series portfolio. The Integral Active Steering, featuring a 4-wheel steering system, enhances maneuverability and agility at medium speeds, with the turning circle reduced by more than 0.6 meters to 11.7 meters – providing confidence when changing lanes and cornering at higher speeds.

Redefining modern luxury with comfort and connectivity.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport features the new BMW Operating System 8.5, which displays a plethora of unique digital innovations, such as the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, BMW Maps and the Digital Key Plus with security-optimised Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio technology – enabling secure and convenient usage for compatible smartphones.  

Enhancing the immersive journey with the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport is the BMW Panorama glass roof, which expands at the top and includes an open-air feature that fills the interior with an abundant of natural light, creating a sense of spaciousness and offering passengers a captivating view of the sky. Additionally, an interior camera has also been installed in the roof area to allow the ability to capture every moment with friends and family, which can be easily transferred and viewed via the QR code in the control display. Owners can also access the My BMW app to view the footage from the interior camera on their smartphones, in addition to the anti-theft recorded that is activated within the technology which is automatically triggered for safety reasons.

The luxurious design language extends from one end of the other in the front, where the key feature of the BMW Curved Display floats at center stage, marrying a 12.3-inch instrument panel with a 14.9-inch touchscreen Control Display – consisting of both intuitive interaction and a fully digital communication via natural language and touch commands. The illuminated BMW Interaction Bar, which was first introduced in the All-Electric BMW i7, stretches elegantly across the dashboard with Ambient Lighting, creating an unforgettable experience in the cabin as drivers maneuver controls for air conditioning and other functions right at your fingertips. Setting luxurious highlights to the interior is the glass application Crafted Clarity with polished glass crystal elements, while the Dark Silver M accent combined with Aluminium Rhombicle adds a sophisticated finishing touch to the cabin. Wireless charging is available on the charging tray which ensures your devices stay ready for your journeys that lie ahead, while the iDrive Controller and center console elements have been thoughtfully redesigned to enhance its technological elements while retaining its user-friendly characteristics. Elevating the in-cabin experience is the Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System, boasting 18 speakers and an amplifier output of 655 Watts. This delivers an exceptional acoustic journey, enveloping passengers in crystal-clear sound from every angle.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport is also equipped with an array of advanced safety and driver support technologies, designed to enhance the driving experience during long journeys and city commutes. Making its first appearance in the BMW 5 Series portfolio is Proactive Care, a groundbreaking customer service system that is now integrated into the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport. Proactive Care enhances the BMW ownership experience by offering a range of services, including the Condition Based Service (CBS), Accident Assistance (A-Call), Live Diagnosis, and Digital Tyre Diagnosis, tailored to the owner’s preferences. This innovative system establishes direct communication with customers and provides solutions through the most efficient channels based on urgency, ensuring a seamless experience. In the event that immediate servicing is required while on the road, the system will trigger an alert which will guide the driver to the nearest BMW dealership.

Complementing the Proactive Care system is the comprehensive Driving Assistance Professional that comes as a standard, along with a wide array of safety and support technologies designed to assist drivers both on extended journeys and within urban traffic., including the Distance Control with Stop and Go function, Steering and Lane Control Assistant for optimal driving comfort. Other functions that come as standard include the automatic Speed Limit Assist, route control and active navigation guidance, Side Collision Protection, Road Priority Warming and Wrong-way Warning, Crossing-traffic Warning with braking function.

The luxurious design language extends into the cabin of the vehicle, with opulent options for upholstery that includes the unique Leather Merino Black and Leather Merino Copper Brown, with redesigned sport seats that come as standard to further intensify the driving experience. Standard exterior colour offerings for the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport include the Black Sapphire Metallic, Mineral White Metallic, Brooklyn Grey Metallic and Phytonic Blue Metallic.

Dynamic financial programme.

With the Easy Drive Financing Plan from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport can be owned with a monthly instalment plan starting from RM 4,855.00 (based on 5-year Easy Drive plan with a mileage of 100,000 km at 80% loan amount). Additionally, they can also benefit from a RM10,000 Easy Drive Cash Rebate upon registering for the Easy Drive Financing, allowing a monthly instalment plan starting from RM 4,677.00.

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Complete premium ownership experience. 

Owners of the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport will receive the complete BMW Group Malaysia Premium Ownership experience which includes: 

  • BMW 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Service Programme 
  • BMW 8-Year / 160,000 km Battery Warranty (whichever comes first) 
  • BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Hotline 
  • BMW Service Online 

The retail pricing for the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport with Extended Warranty and BMW Service & Repair Inclusive is: 

First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport                                 RM 419,800.00

For more information on the First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport, visit here or contact your preferred authorised BMW dealership. 

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