BMW Group Malaysia Hosts the BMW Premium Selection Fair – Its Largest Pre-Owned Vehicle Fair of the Year with Early Interest Sign-up Benefit.

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Premium automaker offers complimentary one-year BMW and MINI Comprehensive Motor Insurance upon early sign-up for the 2019 BMW Premium Selection event.


BMW Group Malaysia will host a three-day exclusive BMW Premium Selection fair on 13th to 15th of September to further deliver Sheer Driving Pleasure. The event is the largest pre-owned vehicle fair by BMW Group Malaysia yet, featuring the BMW X5, BMW 3 Series and BMW 7 Series along with MINI models as well as motorcycles in the BMW Motorrad portfolio.


Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, Harald Hoelzl said, “Be it owners of a brand-new or a pre-owned BMW and MINI vehicle, we are committed to delivering premium ownership experience to our customers, as they are at the heart of all that we do in BMW Group Malaysia. As the demand for BMW and MINI vehicles continue to climb, we look forward to continue delivering the Sheer Driving Pleasure that BMW is known for, as well as MINI’s trademark go-kart feeling, through our largest BMW Premium Selection fair of the year.”


To be eligible for the complimentary one-year insurance, interested participants should register interest in advance on the BMW Premium Selection official website from today onwards. They will then receive a unique QR code upon sign-up which entitles them to the event-exclusive offer.


Providing an unparalleled ownership experience, the BMW Premium Selection official website is an established platform that conveniently facilitates buy-and-sell activities for new and current BMW and MINI owners. BMW Premium Selection stands for the right cars with the right history. If a BMW and MINI vehicle is not meticulously maintained, it will not achieve the BMW Premium Selection status.


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Through the BMW Premium Selection official website, new owners of a pre-owned BMW or MINI vehicle can look forward to peace of mind ownership, as benefits include a minimum 12 months BMW Premium Selection Warranty or MINI Used Car Next Warranty, 360-Degree Technical and Optical Checks, along with Approved Service History and Vehicle History that document inspections and maintenance work carried out by authorised experts. Owners will also be eligible for BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia’s wide range of financing solutions as well as the BMW Roadside Assistance.


Additionally, owners looking to trade-in their BMW or MINI vehicles will enjoy a host of trade-in benefits including specialised appraisals, hassle-free transactions and a transparent used-car’s valuation from the comfort of their homes.


More than 500 units of pre-owned BMW and MINI vehicles are now available for viewing on the BMW Premium Selection official website. Test drives for all models featured on the website will be available on the day of the event.


More information on the 2019 BMW Premium Selection fair will be revealed soon. Register in advance for the event by visiting to discover a new world of BMW and MINI vehicles.

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