The Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan is Back!


Representing Maxx Oil with Charles Ng for the Drift Competition

Djan-DriftKUALA LUMPUR: Tengku Djan is joining the Drift Competition 2017 at Songkhla Speedway in Amphoe Hat Yai, Thailand from May 13 to May 14, 2017.

The Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan is a professional drift driver. He participated in many racing series and won numerous awards. He took a back seat to nurture new talents after his participation in Formula Drift Asia 2012. He did not involve in the drift competition for the past four years but still active in the track competition. Meanwhile, he just won the Best National Driver from SIC-MAM Malaysia Motorsports Awards 2016 on February 13, 2017 because of the winning streaks with Team MaxxOil Racing throughout 2016 season.

Tengku Djan and Charles Ng will represent MaxxOil Malaysia for the up-coming drift competition in Thailand. Charles is a famous drift driver from Hong Kong. He joined many competitions such as Formula Drift United States of America (USA), Formula Drift Asia, and China Drift Championship. It is excited to see the two drift players perform in the competition. Tengku Djan is the brand ambassador for MaxxOil Malaysia. MaxxOil is a famous motor oil brand from California, USA. It lands in the Malaysian market and provides the highest level of protection for critical engine parts.

Djan-Drift1Heading to the Drift Competition in May 2017, Tengku Djan challenges other players with Nissan Silvia Chevy LS7. The car is built up to the competition’s specifications and Formula Drift USA’s regulations. It is equipped with all safety devices. At its heart is a 7.0-litre (L) with innovative technology, it is committed to a high performance. The car was last used in 2011 in the Thailand All Star Professional Drift Series under Red Bull Team Thailand and won both driver and team championship.

“Drifting is a sport that is rapidly gaining recognition around the world, including Malaysia”, Tengku Djan said. He said that Malaysia was one of the first countries in the region to pick up drifting as a sport, followed by Thailand. He added that drifting is successful because it brings the sport to the people. The competition is a golden opportunity for anyone – regional media, enthusiasts, fans of many brands, and new comers to watch the performance of the drift players. The excitement of the competition is palpable with Tengku Djan and Charles Ng participation.

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