Shah Alam, 1st  December – Lexus Malaysia, a division of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, today introduced for the first time, its final model for the year – the LX 570. Although the model has been in the Lexus range for some time, it was not included in the line-up for the Malaysian market as Lexus Malaysia focused on sedans to establish the brand first. This was then followed by the RX and more recently, the NX, which have proven to be very popular.

With market feedback in Malaysia indicating that large SUVs are now also appreciated, Lexus Malaysia is introducing the LX line and the version imported from Japan is the very latest LX 570 which was officially launched in the USA in August 2015. This latest version, which comes with many new updates and additional features, is only available through Lexus Malaysia.

The new LX 570 has been extensively redesigned on the outside. In fact, other than the door panels, every other area of the bodywork is new. The updates are considered so significant that Lexus chose to introduce the new model at the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance in California which hosts some the world’s most beautiful classic automobiles.


The newly redesigned exterior portrays ‘powerfulness’, evoking the excellent driving performance of full-fledged SUV while also expressing the luxurious feel, advancement and urban sophistication as a flagship SUV model.

Though the LX 570 is a large vehicle measuring 5 metres in length and almost 2 metres in width, its shape does not convey ‘massiveness’, thanks to the sharper side design. ‘Sleek’ may not seem appropriate for such a vehicle but it still has good aerodynamics to enhance vehicle drivability.

Six exterior colour choices are available and two interior colour themes coordinated with the exterior colour.

While expressing ‘powerfulness’ as a flagship SUV, the cabin also has a clear Lexus Identity that will be evident from certain elements. With this update, the LX 570 gets a triple-linkage multimedia system which integrates the information on the 12.3-inch Centre Display, Head-Up Display and 4.2-inch TFT Colour Display (situated between the speedometer and tachometer).

Comfort and convenience have been given much attention and these aspects are what distinguish a Lexus noticeably from other models. For example, there is an Arm Rest Control Panel provided in the second row which allows control of the ventilated seats and fully-automatic air conditioning system with 4-zone independent temperature control. The system maintains an ideal temperature throughout the cabin with different temperatures adjustable individually.


The LX 570 is powered by the 3UR-FE engine which, at 5.7 litres, is the largest engine in the Lexus range. It has a V8 configuration with advanced Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (Dual VVT-i). The engine, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, is tuned to make maximum use of the displacement with a strong flat torque characteristic from low speeds. At its peak output, the engine generates 362 hp with 530 Nm of torque and can accelerate the vehicle from standstill to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds.

A new feature of the drivetrain is the Integrated Drive Mode which manages the powertrain, chassis elements and air conditioning for optimum performance in different conditions. The LX 570 uses a robust transfer case to provide full-time 4-wheel drive. The system uses a TORSEN limited-slip locking centre differential to distribute power 40:60 front-to-rear, directing more power to the wheels with the best grip should slippage occur.

 As more and more vehicles appear on roads all over the world, driving safety is an increasing concern to carmakers. For Lexus, the approach taken is to use advanced technologies that can help prevent accidents and the latest LX 570 comes with various safety systems.


Even in off-road conditions, Lexus provides a technologically advanced solution to improve driving safety in the form of a Multi-Terrain Monitor. The monitor is a driving support system that displays the images of areas around the vehicle when traveling at low speeds and as a perimeter safety confirmation. Besides being able to see all sides of the vehicle, there is also one unique view that is not usually available on such systems – an underfloor view which will surely be helpful for avoiding holes and rocks.

As with an increasing number of Lexus models, the latest LX 570 comes with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), a system which alerts the driver to vehicles approaching at the rear of the vehicle with an audible alert as well as flashing indicators on the vehicle’s external side mirrors. RCTA works with the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system which employs a quasi-millimetre wave radar on the back of the vehicle. The system can detect a vehicle present in adjacent lanes and can also detect an object at the rear of the vehicle as it is reversing.

Complementing the RCTA and BSM is a reverse camera which provides a view of the area around the back of the vehicle. Besides enabling the driver to see any hazards or even small children, the reverse camera view also has graphics which help the driver to park the vehicle more easily. 



During 2015, Lexus Malaysia’s sales volume has continued to increase with the strong appeal of the new models such as the NX and ES. The all-new RX was also launched recently and is expected to make a major contribution to sales as it has been one of the best-selling Lexus models in Malaysia.

Up till the month of November, Lexus Malaysia has delivered close to 1,800 units in Peninsular and East Malaysia. For December, it expects to deliver a further 200 vehicles and achieve its target of 2000 vehicles for 2015. With this, Lexus Malaysia will have a firm No.3 position in the luxury segment in Malaysia.

Lexus Malaysia sees continued growth in sales in 2016 with the strong and appealing line-up of sedans, high-performance sportscars and crossover SUVs. Lexus target to achieve 2,200 units in 2016, an increase of 10% from this year.

“We will continue to offer quality products and the Lexus Experience to our present and future customers,” said Datuk Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor. He added that as part of the Lexus Ownership Experience, there will also be exciting activities for customers throughout the year.

“It has been 9 years since Lexus was officially introduced in Malaysia and its steady growth has been possible only through the support from our customers. I would therefore like to thank each and every one of our customers for their support and welcome those who wish to be part of the Lexus family here in Malaysia,” he added.



Lexus first made its presence globally in 1989 with the desire to deliver the world’s most intelligent, advanced and enjoyable automobiles along with an unsurpassed ownership experience. Since its inception, Lexus has embodied a new kind of luxury that overturns conventional thinking in both luxury and performance.

At Lexus, the pursuit of perfection raises craftsmanship to a level unmatched in engineering. Every car is examined by an elite team of master craftsmen who oversees every aspect of vehicle assembly at the plant. This attention to details is wrapped in a level of luxury that is now the hallmark of Lexus.



Established in the early 1980s LEXUS launched its flagship model, the LS 400 in 1989. Since then LEXUS has become synonymous with quality, luxury and superior customer satisfaction. With a global presence in over 60 countries, LEXUS belongs to the Toyota Group of motor vehicles.

In Malaysia, LEXUS is a division of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd.  The company is the exclusive distributor of Lexus models in Malaysia.  Ever since its inception in 2006, Lexus Malaysia have established 8 Lexus Sales and 3S centres in Mutiara Damansara, Penang, Johor Bahru, Sungai Besi, Kuching, Sarawak, Ipoh, Perak, Melaka and a showroom at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. More information on LEXUS and its range of luxury vehicles can be found at or call our toll free line at 1800 88 53987.


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