Proven chassis and powertrain adapted to the needs of All-New Koleos’ markets

  • All-new Koleos, which will be sold in more than 80 countries, is built on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s versatile architecture, a testament to its expertise in saloon cars, crossovers and SUVs
  • In the course of its development, all-new Koleos was put through a series of rigorous tests including road tests in real-world conditions over several million kilometres
  • Order books have opened in Malaysia for the all-new Koleos at the introductory price of RM172,800
 Untitled-1 “All-new Koleos, which will be sold in more than 80 countries on all five continents, benefits from the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s expertise and strengths in SUV design and production. Its architecture and powertrain are acclaimed for their performance and reliability.


All-new Koleos was road tested in real-world conditions over several million kilometres in the course of its development, and the project involved Groupe Renault technical test centres across the world.”


Philippe Brunet – D-segment Programme Director


A new application for the Alliance’s CMF C/D architecture

An acclaimed, versatile architecture

All-new Koleos is built on the Alliance CMF-C/D architecture that is shared by several vehicles, including the Renault Espace, Talisman and Kadjar, and Nissan’s X-Trail/Rogue and Qashqai. The common architecture attests to the Alliance’s experience in saloon cars, crossovers and SUVs.

Vehicle parts and components that are not visible to the customer are common, while the design and identity of each brand remain distinct. The resulting savings were reinvested in All-new Koleos to offer enhanced customer features.

An assembly plant renowned within the Renault-Nissan Alliance

All-new Koleos is assembled in Busan, Korea for all markets in the world except China. The plant boasts industrial tooling that is both effective and very flexible. It also meets Renault’s stringent manufacturing quality standards and currently produces vehicles built on the CMF-C/D architecture for brands belonging to Groupe Renault and its partner, Nissan.


A powerful 2.5 litre petrol engine

A 2.5-litre (171PS) petrol engine will be available for the all-new Koleos.

The 2.5-litre petrol engine is also an atmospheric, four-cylinder, 16-valve powerplant with double overhead camshafts. Maximum power is 171PS (126 kW) at 6,000rpm, with peak torque of 226Nm at 4,400rpm. Particular care was taken to minimise friction for enhanced performance and optimised fuel consumption. With 200Nm torque available from as low as 1,800rpm, it is extremely responsive at low and mid-range engine speeds and is particularly suited to towing up to two tonnes.

The X-Tronic CVT automatic transmission

The All-new Koleos is a petrol, two-wheel drive equipped with an X-Tronic automatic transmission. It was designed to enhance driving enjoyment and reduce fuel consumption compared with conventional automatic transmissions.

Unlike former CVT transmissions, the all-new Koleos’ X-Tronic CVT transmission performs more like a multi-ratio automatic whenever the driver needs to accelerate briskly. However, this continuously variable transmission ensures seamless gear shifts under acceleration by proposing an infinite number of gears. It ensures that engine revs and load are constantly optimised to deliver enhanced fuel consumption, ride comfort and low noise levels when travelling at constant speeds. The driver has the option to select a seven-speed sequential mode to benefit from engine braking. X-Tronic CVT transmission provides all the benefits of conventional automatic transmissions without the downsides.


Several million kilometres of testing in real-world conditions

Groupe Renault’s specialists involved across the planet

The all-new Koleos project involved Groupe Renault staff and teams worldwide. Renault’s engineering and test centres across the globe made contributions to the model’s design and development, including the Technocentre and the technical centres in Aubevoye and Lardy, France, as well as the Renault Samsung technical centre in Korea. Renault’s engineers and development specialists also put the all-new Koleos’ through its paces on test tracks and roads in Lapland, as well as some deteriorated roads in Russia.


Tested to last

All-new Koleos was subjected to exacting static and dynamic tests to ensure compliance with Renault’s rigorous standards and ensure exceptional reliability. Given that it will be marketed on five continents, it was important that the all-new Koleos met the expectations of drivers in all types of weather and on all types of roads.

Prior to its release, all-new Koleos underwent 1,100,000km of intensive testing at Renault’s test centres (equivalent to more than 3,300,000km in real-world conditions in terms of wear) to confirm its durability. Similarly, 20 pre-production vehicles covered more than one million kilometres with the aim of revealing any potential defects so that corrective action could be taken as required.

In addition to these dynamic tests, Renault has developed a raft of static tests designed to verify resistance to wear and tear (EDAU test). This procedure entails handling the seats and operating the electric windows, seat belts, gear lever, hand brake, and door mechanisms many thousands of times, 24 hours a day, to simulate years of use in a period of only a few weeks.


Now open for booking in Malaysia

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder of Renault cars in Malaysia, has opened the order books for the all-new Koleos – Renault’s latest flagship SUV.

Slated for launch in September, the introductory price for the all-new Renault Koleos is RM172,800 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM116,800 in Langkawi (on-the-road inclusive of GST, without insurance and for private registration).



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