Hyundai Ioniq – Uniquely Impressive




In striking Marina Blue, the Hyundai Ioniq looked like a slightly edgier “hybrid” kind of car. It was a surprising drive with the Hyundai Ioniq, clearly impressive and defies the soulless state of other electric motored cars.


The Hyundai Ioniq is remarkable with a Kappa 1.6 Atkinson GDI Engine with a max power of 105ps and 147Nm Torque. The 37kW electric motor pushes out another 43.5ps with the motor adding another 170Nm on the motor. The Ioniq packs a solid punch off the line, it is almost like sitting on the edge of a huge catapult waiting to be launched. Jumping into this hybrid has been fun, surprising and best of all effective costs savings on fuel!

The Ioniq, had a range of 900km plus on the meter cluster as we got the car with a full tank. Which was somewhat interesting, given that most of the time we usually see 500km-600km range on the fuel gauge meter. It was an unusual sight, and yet intriguing at the same time. We decided to see if this car really had the range, and drive. ( Yes! we really put this car through its paces! )

Driving the car, it is well planted and does not feel heavy. The sensation is pretty much like a normal sedan car, and going around corners the car was well balanced. Most hybrid cars with large batteries, feel weighted around corners, but the Ioniq’s McPherson Front and Multi Link Rear suspension is perfectly in synch with the roads despite carrying an extra motor. The Ioniq runs a 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) which still has the effects of an auto transmission while shifting, a nicer touch than a conventional CVT box. The Ioniq over the bumps is pretty good as there are no bump stop noises, and seems to take undulations quite proudly. Best part about driving the Ioniq is that you can be constantly be flat-out and the range indicator on the dash does not seem to move down very much as it was still hesitating around 800km range despite punching it constantly.

One of the nicest things about the Ioniq is its unique design for a hybrid vehicle. Running with a 0.24cd Drag Coefficient, it is worthy to mention that it is aerodynamically designed, and along with an integrated spoiler in the back boot ( It does work! ). The design has a blue signature line in the rear that adds a nice touch to the electric feel somehow. The functionality of the car takes form as the aerodynamic numbers shows its trueness in design and cutting wind ability. If one is going to design a car, make sure it really works, because every bit helps in fuel savings and extended mileages.

Other parts to note is the easy layout of the interior of the car, steering wheel is a plus point with a race feel to it by straightening out on the bottom of the wheel. Blue accents are still visible into the interior with leather seats adding plushness luxury. Driver seats are adjustable via power motors, and a high definition TFT-LCT Cluster makes the car very integrated to the driver for connectivity ; radio, Bluetooth, MP3 and etc. To heighten sportiness, the meter clusters have Dual Driving Modes, which the interface of the rev meter changes colors and mode for the Eco or Sport selection. Some of the added features include Lane Keep Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring, Wireless Charging, Smart Cruise Control, Rear View Cameras, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and various others. A total of 7-Airbags fills up this car, along with ABS, BAS, HAC, ESC and VSM, thus making this car really loaded with safety enhancements.

If one is looking for a hybrid car for greater savings, do consider the Hyundai Ioniq. It is sport, fun to drive and big on savings. Two variants are available for Hyundai Ioniq, HEV or the HEV Plus, retailing at RM103,390.27 and RM117,428.55 respectively. A 5 years warranty program ensues with the Ioniq along with either or a 300,000km mileage limit. 7 color choices are available, with the Marina Blue being our favorite. For more information on this awesome car, please log into .



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