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Valentine’s Day can be stressful – there’s a lot to prepare to set the right tone and get through the day’s celebrations without a hitch, and our vehicles can play an important role in making sure the journey is a smooth one. Ford cars can help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, from setting the mood with colourful Ambient Lighting to finding the nearest flower shop on the way home from work.

Here are some tips on how to make an impression with your Ford on Valentine’s Day:

Don’t be late for your date!
Start your date off on the right foot with a prompt arrival. Don’t keep your loved one waiting or hungry on this special day!

Set the tone
There’s nothing like a love song to set the right tone for your Valentine’s Day plans, and SYNC’s Bluetooth streaming capabilities makes it easy. SYNC makes drivers’ lives more convenient by pairing their phone and allowing them to make calls, stream music and more. Prepare your favorite tunes ahead of time, then pick up your valentine and sweep them off their feet with the perfect romantic playlist.

Light up the night
Surround yourself with light to match your mood – with Ford Ambient Lighting, you can choose from seven different colours to light up your cup holders, front and rear foot-wells, console, storage bins, map pockets and front door handles, setting the right mood for any situation. We recommend red for your Valentine festivities.

Park like a pro
No one wants to look silly while parallel parking – with Ford’s Active Park Assist, you’ll be able to back into that space effortlessly, while impressing your date with your smooth moves. Ford’s Active Park Assist makes parallel parking easier and more convenient for consumers by enabling hands-free parking, requiring only driver input on the gas and brake pedals for shifting gears

Front seat throne
Make your partner feel like a king or queen by adorning their seat with a little something special before you pick them up. Try rose petals if you’re feeling extra romantic.

Keep it classy and neat
Make sure you clean out your car before you head out for your Valentine’s date – no one feels romantic in a messy environment. Add a spritz of your favourite scent to give your car a personal touch when your date steps inside.

Surprise in the glove box
Got a present for your better half? Hide the necklace, chocolates, or whatever thoughtful items you picked up inside the glove compartment, then ask your passenger for the owner’s manual. The surprise will be as great as the gift!

Pour your heart out
Nothing says ‘I love you’ like, well, saying I love you. Don’t forget to tell your significant other how you feel!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ford!

Valentine's Day 2 - Heart hands, Ford logo


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