Highlights its sustainability journey by advocating recycling to reduce environmental impact


KUALA LUMPUR, 12 May 2016 – Goodyear Malaysia has partnered with the Reebok Spartan Race Malaysia to provide used tires for the second consecutive year, continuing its commitment to promote environmental sustainability through recycling efforts.

Goodyear Malaysia provided hundreds of used tires, which were creatively used to form a number of obstacle courses, elevating the difficulty in this year’s Reebok Spartan Race. Pushing participants’ fitness level to the edge, the tires were used in tire-flipping, tire-pulling and tire-carrying challenges designed to test their strength and endurance.

In line with Goodyear’s continued sustainability efforts to reduce environmental impacts and focus on product reusability and recyclability, the company extended the tires’ usage beyond their life cycle and showcased how the used tires can be recycled for alternative purposes, such as health and fitness. This aligns with Goodyear’s overarching corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to “support collaborative programs that create positive outcomes for people, our communities and the world around us.”

“Goodyear Malaysia is a firm advocate for the conservation of the environment, and we are dedicated in our efforts in reaching out to the community. We hope to draw awareness to the topic of environmental sustainability through the sponsorship by highlighting the importance of recycling and reusing waste products. The partnership with Spartan Race Malaysia also provided a good opportunity for us to engage with our consumers, as we identified with the participants’ willpower to push their limits, akin to Goodyear’s relentless pursuit of excellence in developing high quality tires. We will continue our efforts in the promotion of this cause and we look forward to more of such collaborations in future,” said Claire Lim, Marketing Director of Goodyear Malaysia.


“The collaboration with Goodyear presented an exciting opportunity as we took the obstacles this year to greater heights, pushing participants’ limits and offering them challenges that befit a Spartan. We are always open and honoured to be working with like-minded partners in our aim to deliver a great race experience to avid adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts alike,” said Marcus Luer, Chief Executive Officer of Total Sports Asia.

Participants faced a different form of challenge at the Goodyear booth during this year’s Reebok Spartan Race as they attempted to complete a remote control car race course using just their thumbs. Winners were awarded limited edition Goodyear merchandise.

The Spartan Race Malaysia was held on 20 March 2016 at Canary Garden in Bandar Bestari, Klang. The Race presented more than 30 physical obstacle courses to test the grit and strength of true Spartans.



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