All-New Koleos: Distinct Renault design in the brand’s new flagship SUV

  • All-new Koleos completes the styling renaissance of the Renault range
  • Featuring powerful and athletic exterior design as well as a protective interior, the all-new Renault Koleos delivers the look, quality and features expected of an SUV
  • Arriving soon in Malaysia, the all-new Renault Koleos is now open for booking
 Untitled-1 “All-new Koleos completes the styling renaissance of the Renault range that began with the new Clio in 2012. As a designer, the challenge was to imagine an SUV that was not only elegant, but also modern and dynamic. To achieve this, we didn’t seek to dilute the traits that are traditionally associated with SUVs.


Instead, we accentuated the segment’s familiar cues thanks to taut, powerful, horizontal lines, muscular haunches and high ground clearance. As a result, New Koleos exudes an inner strength. It is every inch an SUV and every inch a Renault.”


Laurens van den Acker – Senior Vice President, Corporate Design.

The look, quality and features expected of an SUV

Powerful and athletic exterior design

All-new Koleos is an SUV that packs all the styling cues and capabilities associated with the segment.

In keeping with the Renault design strategy introduced by Laurens van den Acker, all-new Koleos is covered by design pillar ‘EXPLORE,’ which stands for robustness and a taste for adventure. It was the pursuit of these qualities that inspired Renault’s designers to give all-new Koleos taut, powerful, muscular lines. All-new Koleos features classic SUV design cues: door protective mouldings, large-diameter wheels and aluminium roof bars.

Meanwhile, the combination of high ground clearance (210mm) and approach and departure angles of respectively 19 and 26 degrees ensures go-anywhere ability.

The stylish body colours and wheel design selected for the all-new Koleos ensure a particular elegance:

  • Four body colours: Universal White, Grey Metallic, Black Metallic and Meissen Blue
  • Wheel design: 18 inch Argonaute alloy 


A protective interior

All-new Koleos’ SUV genes are similarly prominent inside the cabin. Redolent of comfort, quality and strength, its elegant, protective interior is in perfect harmony with the model’s exterior lines. An elevated driving position offers excellent visibility.

The tall, wide dashboard is intended to give driver and passenger a sense of safety and protection. Hand grips either side of the centre console echo the world of off-road motoring while imbuing the interior with a sporty feel.


All-new Koleos proudly sports Renault’s styling hallmarks

Inspired by Renault’s high-end line-up

The styling similarities with Talisman – Renault’s new large family saloon – are immediately apparent, and with good reason. The exteriors of these two vehicles were designed in parallel.

As a result, the all-new Koleos is instantly recognisable as a top-of-the-range Renault, thanks notably to its front-end design that incorporates a prominent Renault logo set at the centre of a broad chrome grille.

The taut bonnet lines contribute to the car’s powerful design, an impression that is heightened by the presence of several chrome embellishments, including strips that run from the head lights along the full length of the wings to visually lengthen the front end and exude an impression of dynamism and elegance. Unique in the segment, this feature sets all-new Koleos apart from other SUVs.

The 2,705mm wheelbase – for a total vehicle length of 4,672mm – counts amongst the longest in the class and allows all-new Koleos to boast record-breaking interior space to position itself as a D-segment SUV.

At the rear, Renault’s trademark style is again prominently on display. The wide, horizontal tail lights amplify the impression of width (1,843mm) and draw the eye to the Renault logo on the tailgate. Chrome inserts set into the lower part of the rear bumper take the shape of twin exhaust tail pipes, a detail that is complementary with all-new Koleos’ overall exterior design.


A full LED lighting signature recalling that of Renault’s latest models

The cohesion of the model’s overall design extends to the front and rear lights:

  • All-new Koleos’ lighting signature recalls that of Renault’s most recent models
  • Full LED Pure Vision head lights that are 20 per cent more powerful than a halogen beam for enhanced night-time vision
  • Daytime Running Lights (DRL) provides a unique, piercing gaze
  • Permanently-lit LED tail lights feature Edge Light technology, which generates a clear, bright 3D effect

Now open for booking in Malaysia

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder of Renault cars in Malaysia, has opened the order books for the all-new Koleos – Renault’s latest flagship SUV.

Slated for launch in September, the introductory price for the all-new Renault Koleos is RM172,800 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM116,800 in Langkawi (on-the-road inclusive of GST, without insurance and for private registration).


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